Are you lonely?

Friday, April 10, 2020

It's been a tough year for many of us, we are in all sorts of various personal and business dilemmas and now that we are isolated we have nowhere to turn. That feeling of helplessness and loneliness can be debilitating. But there are several ways out and I can help you. One of the ways to conquer loneliness and helplessness is self talk. To talk to yourself as if you were talking to a best friend. It's a type of mindfulness. When a "I feel so alone or I hate my life or I wish I could escape" thought comes into your head acknowledge it, by saying out loud to yourself  "Okay...(say your own name) I understand you are not happy right now, but this will pass, change is a part of life and I can get through this, I am grateful for this one thing-----(name anything you are grateful for, even if you can think of least you can take a breath). Now say to yourself "this too shall pass." and "tomorrow I can start all over." Change is forever constant. Whatever situation you are in now can and will change. Life is full of very successful people who have felt lonely, failed at business and lost loves of their lives. It is a part of life to have ups and downs but if you can be your own advocate and best friend, you can overcome that feeling of hopeless, there is always a tiny window to find hope again if you open your mind to it and advocate for yourself to yourself. Change is inevitable and forever, nothing stays the same, even heartache. You will laugh again, it might take a little while but you will find your smile. I remember when my mother died, I thought I was going to die too. I was in so much pain. "Active talking" is the term I created to "walk myself through the pain as my own best friend." I would say to myself, "Okay buddy, this is part of life, you were lucky to have known your mom, even if it was not a long as you wanted."  This is a way to show yourself support even when no one is there with you and you feel so isolated and lonely. It's a way of truly becoming your own best friend. So many times we are eager to help someone else in need, but you might be the best choice for yourself, as your own advocate. I can guide in many ways to create the life you want.